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Presentation of Project Partners

mEDRA is an SME owned by the Italian Publishers Association, created with the purpose of bringing together ICT and publishing in a single environment and building an integrated team comprising publishing and business oriented profiles and IT oriented profiles. mEDRA brings its DOI registration agency status to the project along with specific R&D and technology expertise in the areas of identification standards and metadata. The team involved in the project played a prominent technical role in the RDI, TISP and ARROW projects. mEDRA is the project coordinator for ARDITO. 



Corso di Porta Romana 108

Milano 20122



AIE is the Italian Publishers’ Association that counts over 300 members, representing 90% of the book publishing market.AIE brings to the project an extensive experience in European and national projects addressing technological innovation in publishing, copyright, accessibility, training, publishing standards, mainly in vest of coordinator and is founder of mEDRA.AIE can count on an extensive network of stakeholders in the publishing sector, built in decades of active participation in a number of international associations, such as ISBN International Agency, IPA, FEP, IDF, IDPF and EDItEUR, contributing to an ever greater cooperation among publishers from all over the world.


Associazione Italiana Editori

Corso di Porta Romana 108

Milano 20122


Copyright Hub Foundation is a not for profit organisation, with the remit to "make the licensing of content simpler". Purely funded by industry donations the Copyright Hub has broad support in the form of their Partners' Board which spans audio-visual, text, music and image sectors to cultural, education and heritage organisations. Although UK-originated the Copyright Hub is international in its scope and participants, and in ARDITO will provide their extensive knowledge in building communities of innovation involving content creators, service providers and users. They will also bring the foundation technology and the technical basis to connect all tools and services in an open ecosystem.


Copyright Hub Foundation

Barnards Inn, 86 Fetter Lane

London EC4A 1AD

United Kingdom



ALBUM is one of the leading sources for entertainment, culture and history images worldwide. Over time, Album business has expanded from traditional image licensing to technology provider developing also a reverse image search engine based on content recognition engine (AlbumRIS). In ARDITO, Album will develop a new crawler component for the image search and as exemplars to develop integration capability of this form of content identification with the Hub ecosystem.


Album Archivo fotográfico SL

C/Joan d'Àustria, 126, 3ª 2ª

08018 Barcelona




Icontact is one the most advanced digital watermarking solution providers for content in the market and has extensive experience in developing innovative solutions for the publishing industry. Icontact is involved in ARDITO as exemplars to develop integration capability of this form of content identification with the Hub ecosystem.


Icontact BV

Hofmanweg 5a

2031 BH Haarlem




B-COM is one of the eight French Institutes of Technology launched by French government in 2010 and certified in 2012. The objective of the institute is to achieve excellence in the most competitive sectors such as Hypermedia technologies that will feature high definition video, augmented reality and content security. B-COM is also part of the Images & Réseaux cluster of the FI-CProgramme. B-COM will provide to ARDITO its expertise in content protection and authentication, and will implement digital watermarking for audio-visual content.



Zac des Champs Blancs Bat. A 13 Rue

35510 Cesson Sevigné



Europe Analytica is specialised in strategic and communication services in the publishing, audio-visual and media sectors, including large and small companies, and European and international associations and coalitions. Europe Analytica leads the Dissemination and Communication activity due to their experience of working on the related RDI project ( and to their ability to reach different industry sectors and communities across Europe.


Europe Analytica

Wiggins Green, Helions Humpstead JA

Haverhill  CB97AD

United Kingdom


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