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The suite of tools developed by ARDITO partners have all the aim of simplifying the connection between content creators and content users, thus contributing to the creation of a lively and sustainable eCopyright digital single market and increasing the lawfully use and re-use of creative content. To do so, content users have to be aware of copyright, permissions, licenses and reuse conditions established by content creators on their content. Content users, however, get in touch with the content itself first and need an easy and immediate way to be connected to the rights and the content creators. 


ARDITO partners have developed tools for Images , Publishing , e-Book Publishing, Video, and Multimedia


The Copyright Hub end-user tools moreover provide an extra entry point with a clear recognisable visual identity.

Copyright Hub services enabled by ARDITO are:

  • Enhanced back-end infrastructure to orchestrate interactions with content creators and providers

  • Enhanced front-end tools for content users to identify and recognise copyright content: browser plug in and eCopyright symbol


Album services enabled by ARDITO are:

  • An image visual search integration with the CH through AlbumRIS (Album Reverse Image Search), which can identify an image by checking its visual content

  • AlbumCrawler that discovers images published across the Internet and is connected to AlbumRIS to identify the original image and its rights and licensing status

These services use the image as identifier.> identify without identifiers.


Icontact services enabled by ARDITO are:

  • A fingerprinting service that recognises textual content used on the web and links to rights, permissions and licenses of original content. This service uses a text string as an identifier> identify without identifiers

  • An e-book watermarking service to embed and surface rights and permission in watermarked individual e-books. This service uses the hidden watermarks as the identifier> identify without identifiers


b<>com service enabled by ARDITO is:

  • A cloud based video watermarking service to embed and surface rights and permissions in watermarked videos and video fragments. This service uses the hidden watermarks as the identifier> identify without identifiers


mEDRA services enabled by ARDITO are:

  • The ARDI service that provides persistent and web resolvable identification of copyright deposits

  • Applications of the ARDI service in other identification services

These services are driven by DOI, use web resolvable identifiers and make other identifiers resolvable> identify better and use identifiers better.

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